September 23, 2023

As soon as located, he started to note one thing peculiar: Mortgage originators targeted on the border, able to deploy to Mexico to shut offers beneath the auspices of two totally different firms – their US-based agency and the one for which they have been licensed in Mexico.

Reaching his aha! second

That’s when the Italian-born Guzzo had his aha! second, forming two separate firms for every nation beneath the identical company umbrella however totally adherent to every territory’s laws.

“The US citizen mortgage officer alongside a border city doesn’t have any clue about what’s occurring the opposite facet of the border however have plenty of curiosity on the Mexican facet and vice versa,” he mentioned, remembering what he had analyzed. “I assumed: Why don’t we open in Mexico? That method, you want one enterprise card for the US facet and one enterprise card for the Mexico facet,” he mentioned.

Naysayers and skeptics instantly emerged, he recalled. “Sadly, there are nonetheless misconceptions – Mexico is a 3rd world nation; Mexico is just too harmful; Mexico is violent,” he mentioned, mimicking a few of the extra outstanding critiques of his launch. “Individuals thought I used to be loopy, insane, lunatic,” he mentioned. Skeptics have been misinformed about Mexico, Guzzo mentioned, viewing it as a violent nation though violence is essentially restricted to sure areas. He recommended the US has its fair proportion of violence: “I reside in LA,” he added. “I do know all about violence.”

His personal views on doing enterprise in Mexico have advanced, he famous. “After I began to look into Mexico, I took an funding method slightly than a mortgage method,” he mentioned, noting he manages a gaggle of greater than 30 mortgage officers though he personally is just not licensed to originate loans. “Then I took the mortgage method and was wanting on the numbers.”